Andre Fux is
Andre Fux 2
the second colleague of Semir Gerkhan, of whom has, ever since he joined the police, a good relationship. The friendship between the two will become closer and will last until his supposed death, which takes place in Mallorca in the double episode "Leben\Life," hanging by a thread at the hands of a major arms dealer named Carlos Berger and being shot in the chest with a harpoon: Semir dealt with this loss with a lot of pain, therefore leaving the force for a long period of time before returning. In the episode Blinde Liebe/Blind Love, Semir goes to his grave to visit him, and Tom Kranich (his colleague at the time) realizes that his colleague had meant for his death. Andre, played by Mark Keller, is very impulsive and does not always think of the consequences of the gestures he makes. In an episode in which he is accused of murder, he even beats the real perpetrator of the murder, and so to earn a suspension from service. Nevertheless, the presence of Semir beside him was a stop to his abilities. The two form a pair so well calibrated. Sometimes he also knew someone who was interested in him, as it happens in the episode "Blackmail". Andre does not hide a soft stance against Andrea Schaefer (their secretary, now Semir's wife), in the days when he was partnered with Semir.

In 2013 he returns to the series in the pilot episode "Auferstehung/Resurrection." He is shown to have saved Semir and his daughter from an ambush. He told Semir that it turns out that he started a new life after being found by a farmer in a critical state; he joined the BKA of the federal police, and is finding the real killers responsible for the death of HIS family. He was later discovered to have revealed that he had truly joined an underground syndicate. Andre finally dies after falling off a cliffside of the Alps (where Semir and Andre wound up in a crash at), shortly after saying to Semir: "Goodbye, partner."

In his career, Andre has driven a BMW 328i E36, a Mercedes C200 W202, a BMW 528i E39, and a Mercedes CLK 320 W208.