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Ben Jager

Ben Jager, the sixth colleague of Semir Gerkhan, arrives in the episode in the series pilot "On Your Own" after he had transferred some misconduct made by his colleagues. He comes from a rich family of important business, and, in his very first episode, he tries to hide his origins, which is shame that it was revealed. In fact, many episodes colleague blames him and also gets around: for example in Die Leibwächter / The Bodyguard, Semir, when addressed, saying "I will not be raised with a lot of money like you", alluding to his Turkish roots. It has a conflictual relationship with his father Conrad, as is clear from the episode "Family Affairs": Conrad's son would have liked to take the reigns of his thriving business, but he had preferred to join the police. He even tried to bribe Ben, to make it fail the exam. In the same episode his sister, Julia, appeared. Ben is a very lively and likeable young man; he listens to rock music (mainly Nickelback) and rides a highly-powerful motorcycle. Although very messy, he is a good policeman. Ben is very smart, rational, athletic, and can empathize well to the people he sought: this attitude can be useful in the case when he must predict the moves of the criminal. Initially, he did not expect much from his career, but, after finding that it is not a job so boring, but full of action, he decided to stay in the force. He also shows to be a good parent, as he has been shown taking care of Aida Gerkhan. Ben leaves the force (and Germany) after making the hardest decision in his life: shooting his girlfriend (Nina). He then continued to pursue a musical career in the U.S.A., as he is shown performing a famous English piece of music from Germany (This Time). To his own surprise, Ben finds Nina in Los Angeles, still alive (from "Executive Decision").

He has driven Chris's Mercedes C350 W204, his own Mercedes E550 C207, and his own BMW 328i F30.