Chris Ritter

Kriminallhauptkommissar Chris Ritter, played by Gedeon Burkhard, is the fifth partner of Semir Gerkhan. Formerly an undercover agent for the LKA, he later transferred to the Autobahn Police of the Köln/Bonn district after avenging the death of his boss.

History Edit

His history is very troubled: he was an undercover agent involved in many of the extremely dangerous cases. For this reason his wife Bea, with whom he had 2 daughters, divorced him. One of his daughters while his wife appears in the episode on several occasions. During his espionage career, he was tortured by some thugs who had discovered his identity as a cop, because of the tip from a fellow named Richard Lemercier. In fact, he still has four big and impressive scars on his back, later discovered by Semir in "The Best of Intetions". Chris, from his past, also has many enemies who promptly reappear in the cases that were solved by his colleagues. In the episode "Nemesis," most of his history is revealed, after a case brought him back to the old days. The relationship is very troubled, initially with Semir: Chris was accustomed to act alone in the investigation and that is why he stands out a little from the ordinary colleague. In addition to being annoyed by this, Semir sees him as a person not worthy of the job of Tom Kranich, his great friend, now dead. At first, it appears, precisely where Tom died, that Chris was his murderer. Soon, however, Semir is able to understand the character of Chris; cases came along and, from time to time, he became a good friend. Chris has a sister named Janette, who appears in "Live and Let Live".

In "Unter Feinden", Chris dies to save Tanya, his ex-girlfriend, whom he meets again in a sting operation. Sander Kalvus (a mafia leader) riddles him with a hail of machine gun shots. Semir addresses this loss in "On Your Own" with a lot of pain, which almost equals that experienced the death of Tom. In any case, Semir ensures the arrest or killing of all murderers of his partners. In particular, with his new colleague Ben Jäger, he catches Kalvus, who had managed to escape after killing Chris.

He has driven the Mercedes CLK 320 C209 driven by Tom and Jan, as well as a Mercedes C350 W204.