In 2006 RTL Interactive began working on games from the TV Series. called Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit. It was released in Europe on November 7th 2007 for PC and on the Xbox 360 on May 9th 2008 and in North America on August 5th 2008.

Crash Time 2: Burning Wheels

On February 27, 2009, IGN reported that a sequel to Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit is to be released for under the names Crash Time: Burning Wheels in Europe and Crash Time 2 in the United Kingdom. This game will feature more open world environments where the first game is more linear.[13] An overhead map will be included for the first time in the series, as demonstrated in the demoavailable on Xbox Live Marketplace.[14] New escort missions have been confirmed by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), as has the feature that "players can drive onto a field and plow into cows, which shatter into 'cartoony' t-bone steaks upon impact". The ESRB has also commented on mentions of drugs, prostitution and one instance of sexual innuendo in reference to the new escort style missions.[15] Crash Time 2 was released on Xbox 360 in Europe on 27 November 2008,[16] and on Steam on 27 August 2009.[17]

Crash Time 3: Highway Nights

At the 2009 Tokyo Game Show, the trailer for Crash Time III (known as Crash Time: Highway Nights in the US) premiered, This game features over 200 km of roads and over 32 km² of playable environments, and the player has the chance to choose their own way to proceed through missions, for example instead of simply blocking off an opponent the player can choose to immobilize the vehicle in order to complete the mission. The story follows the pursuit and investigation into a terrorist unit. Crash Time 3 features night time missions for the first time in the series. A single player demo was released on Xbox Live Marketplace on 9 December 2009. Crash Time 3 was released on Steam on 25 November 2009, and on Xbox 360 in Europe on 27 November 2009. Also available on cloud based gaming - Onlive

Crash Time 4: The Syndicate was launched in December 2010 featuring new gameplay and plot. Set in the city of Cologne, Crash Time 4 initially impressed with an Xbox 360 demo well received but was marred by negative critic reviews and a delayed release date outside of Germany. The player could drive around and stop suspects by causing robberys or bomb attacks. The player could also transport suspects in custody to prison and also compete in championship races to win very fast cars.

Crash Time 5: Undercover Edit

Crash Time 5: Undercover was released in late 2012 as a sequel to Crash Time 4. The game has not been released in the US but has been released in Germany. There is also a demo available on the Xbox Live Marketplace