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Tom Kranich


Tom was Semir's third partner. While he is more of an outgoing person of the force, Semir is serious. Tom also has a forgiving personality, as shown that he forgave a female driver despite that she wrecked his mountain bike on his first day to work.

He left his service after his girlfriend Elena Kruger died in car explosion; that shocked Tom very badly. Because of this, he tried to avenge her by going on a path to kill the people responsible for the car bomb, but failed; In his rage, he shot 5 bullets to the air while yelling (Episode: Abschied/Farewell). He then talked to Semir afterwards, saying he was going to leave the force. Tom then took some momentos with him in his leave, and was last shown taking a cab that soon drove away from the police precinct.

He was in Argentina and Norway, where he started the karting club, but he was always late. He was the witness when "Mr. Black" blew up a building and (supposedly himself), but that was proven wrong. When Black wanted to activate the detonator and blow up half of the street. Semir evacuated drivers in time. Just as Mr. Black was about to activate the detonator, Tom shoots him in the shoulder with his revolver. He became Semir's partner once again afterwards. In his second time as a detective, Tom becomes a counterpart in Semir's behaviour: serious and willing to get the job done.

Tom has driven two Mercedes CLK's (C208, C209) during his career.


Tom was killed by fatal shot to the neck after saving a Vietnamese girl from a group of burglars. Semir once again witnessed the death, right after Bonrath and Hotte with their boss arrived.